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Many areas of the world have sunshine nearly year round. Capitalizing on free electricity by financing solar energy power projects funding developments of this free resource.

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Providing funding for all types of solar energy farm project developments.Financing solar energy projects and funding power developments of renewable and sustainable alternative resources are now in the sweet spot for green lenders and investors. However enthusiasm for these can vary according to the technology and manufacturer used for the plan. You don't to have to look too far to see plenty of this renewable source's activity in the sunny states of the US southwest and around the world. No doubt that fuelling the markets are the incentive policies of the several E.U. nations that have established favorable tariffs for sun generated electricity. As a result, opportunities for high yielding rates of return on investment abound in this area as well as other green renewable sources. Funding solar power development projects financing energy that is green and sustainable is what we do here at EF123. In the U.S., a mix of federal production tax credits and individual state renewable portfolio standards (RPS) are pushing the market. In California, for example, the California Public Utilities Commission has approved projects that could add between 500MW and 900MW of capacity to the California grid.

EF123 is a lending and capital raising resource for financing solar energy projects funding power developments across the United States and many areas around the world. Financing solar power projects funding renewable energy developments has become a major industry in these days of foreign oil dependence and environmental issues. With the recent expansion, and expected future growth of this green resource, capitalizing these endeavors is a large and growing market. Another major factor that applies to this source is that no fuel is required to generate the electricity. This contributes to keeping the operation costs for the facilities very low as there are no expenses for acquisition, transportation, or environmental issues of fuels you may otherwise need to generate the electricity. The overall financial aspect of geo plants are fantastic. This financial need will be required to be met now and into the indefinite future. We are here as an established, experienced and professional source of green alternative capital needs.

FINANCE PLAN OPTIONS - We offer up to 100% to fund developments using all debt for those that qualify. That's right, you keep all equity and even all the tax incentives! Other options include 100% financing for funding solar energy power projects utilizing a combination of debt and equity. Ratios can vary depending on the business plan. Important elements of obtaining capital include but are not limited to the Offtake or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). In addition,  Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operations and Management (O&M) contracts can be critical to successful applications for funds. Terms are always favorable to win / win scenarios among sponsors as well as lender - investors. Payment moratoriums and or interest reserves provide plenty of time to get up and running and reach a point of stabilization of cash flow.  We at EF123 focus on deals that are at or near "shovel ready". We don't provide seed money or very early start up funds. To submit a brief description of your solar energy power project for financing development funding and pre-review analysis, click here.

The fastest growing segment of green renewable industry in the U.S. right now is the commercial segment. These larger commercial systems are expensive to engineer, purchase and install. This makes financing solar energy projects and funding green power developments such as these large commercial installations a major hurdle for any developer in the industry. The U.S. market is huge, but first thing’s first, you need to get your plan built and in operation and this is not a dauntless task. If you’re serious about realizing the profit potential from this industry then you need to know how to navigate the minefield of red tape at every phase of development that can cause you countless delays, costs and frustration. That is where we at EF123 come in. We know the ins and outs, the ups and downs and the shortcuts to getting from paper to production.

This free source generates electricity from sunlight. This can be Direct or Email
and instant as with photovoltaic (PV) panels, or inDirect or Email
as with concentrating solar power (CSP) where the sun's rays are focused to boil water or other mediums which can store heat and is then used to produce steam . The sun has the potential to produce over one thousand times the total world energy consumption, though it provided only 0.02% of the total in 2008. If it would continue to double in production every two to three years or less, it would become the dominant source of electricity this century. The largest plants are concentrating thermal plants, but recently large, multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants have been constructed. Large farm parks in Portugal and Germany are characteristic of the trend toward huge photovoltaic power stations. Many larger ones are proposed in the U.S. and around the world..

Due to the nature of the sun's availability it is a predictably intermittent source. This means that while the sun's rays are not available at all times, we can forecast with a very high degree of accuracy when it will and will not be available to produce electricity. Some technologies, such as thermal concentrators have an element of longer term thermal heat storage. One of these mediums is molten salts. These store extra heat which can be made made available for overnight use or during periods that the sun is not available to produce electricity.



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