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Power generation from water offers opportunities for financing hydropower energy projects funding hydroelectric developments of renewable, sustainable electricity.

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Water provides power for hydroelectric energy.Hydroelectric energy is just one of numerous sources of electricity around the world today while financing and funding hydropower project developments will be in demand well into the next century and beyond. This is  because the world's needs will persist while we still have an abundance of running water. There are advantages to using this non-polluting power source. It is sustainable, renewable, clean and it controls the river's water flow and prevents or controls flood situations. Some disadvantages of damming rivers are that they can harm many life species that live in the vicinity, the land around the dam can be destroyed, and the action of
the turbines can kill fish and other wildlife. 

We at EF123 provide financing for hydropower projects and funding hydroelectric energy developments. The very basics of producing  electricity in this manner is that the river water is held back in a reservoir behind a dam. There is a controlled released of the water which rushes through the control gates, past the penstock which turns the turbine which turns the generator which generates electricity which goes to the transformer in the powerhouse. Then the transformer transforms the electricity into a usable, sellable form. The electricity then travels through the power lines and goes to electric meters of homes, factories and businesses. To submit for pre analysis of your hydroelectric energy ideas for financing hydropower development funding click here.

There is an increasing urgency related to the production of sustainable, renewable green energy throughout the world. Financing hydropower projects funding hydroelectric dam developments will continue to be a leading contributor to clean power of this type. Hydro contributes one fifth of the world's electricity production. EF123 offers a comprehensive range of services to developers, sponsors, utility companies, owners, lenders, investors, insurance companies in the efforts to promote the funding and financing of hydroelectric projects and hydropower developments. The historical significance of water as a resource to humanity can be evaluated by it's early uses of which was primarily for irrigation, turning mill stones for grinding grains, textile mills, and the powering of sawmills and other mechanical devices. Ancient Rome was among the first civilizations to employ the efficient use of taking energy from moving water such as water powered mills which produced flour from grains, and in the Far East, hydraulically operated pot wheel pumps raised water into irrigation ditches.

By providing financing for hydroelectric projects and funding hydropower developments we help capitalize on water as a sustainable, renewable green energy source. Hydro processes, wind and coal-fired power facilities produce electricity similarly to some extent. All three require a power source that turn a turbine. This turbine then turns a drive shaft in an electric generator which is the actual motor that produces electricity. A coal fired power plant uses steam, wind mills use the wind whereas a hydro plant uses moving water to turn the turbine. Electricity is the result for all. Water is among the top of the list of nature’s most precious resources. Life is impossible without it. We drink it, wash with it, use it in industry, irrigate crops and landscaping and thousands of other practical uses including power generation.An optimum dam site is one on a river that has a substantial drop in elevation. Few flatland regions offer acceptable terrain for hydro dams. The dam backs up and stores huge amounts of water in the reservoir it creates. Somewhere near the lower portion of the dam wall there is the water intake gate. Gravity pulls the water through the penstock or intake gate inside the dam. Towards the end of the penstock there is a turbine propeller, which is turned as the moving water passes through it. The turbine shaft spins the generator which produces the electricity. The electricity feeds the grid which supplies electricity to homes, businesses and factories it its market. The water then continues unpolluted past the dam into the river for use by water owners downstream.

One of the first steps in the process for the lender or investor's due diligence in hydropower funding and hydroelectric financing is to perform an in-depth analysis of the sponsor's business plan or proforma. They may even have to hire an independent contractor to conduct a feasibility or other study for the due diligence approval. These studies will analyze the environmental data as well as provide substantiation of the financial viability of the business plan. These reports will also spell out the technical, architectural design, financial and other aspects of the entire plan. These elements are very important to the source of capital in its evaluation of the total risk. The assets of the development may or may not be secured. Depending on the investor, there may or may not be a requirement of a lien on the facilities and real property. Other sources underwrite solely on the offtake agreements or power purchase agreement ( PPA) secured by assignment of ongoing operating revenues and minimum capacity guarantees. Still some capital providers require liens on all personal property; and assignment of agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance guarantee bonds to which the sponsor is the beneficiary.


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