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Generating power from earth offers opportunities for financing geothermal energy projects funding developments of alternative natural earth's heating power.

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Earth's own heat provides power with geothermal energy fo project finance.Of the alternative power sources, the least understood is geothermal energy. Funding projects financing developments of this resource is available here at EF123. Fossil fuel resources are depleting and climate change is in the news. Exploring sustainable alternative power sources for domestic and industrial consumption is a reality of life today. Relying on biofuels, the wind currents, the solar rays or harnessing the power of moving waters are not the only remaining options. There is an abundant and relatively untapped source of power, geothermal energy. Financing projects and funding developments of this resource is where we at EF123 come in. This resource can be expensive to get to in order to harness but once it's tapped into it is fairly cheap to exploit. It involves an exploration and drilling process similar to oil in many cases. As with other types of alternative power, high oil prices and the uncertainty of uninterrupted supplies are making this source more and more attractive.

Financing geothermal energy projects funding developments is completely a green renewable power endeavor making it more reliable than domestic or imported oil or natural gas. Not only is it entirely renewable if managed properly, it's cheap once up and running. An efficient and productive geo power source has three main components. First, a high thermal gradient which really means accessible hot material. Second, a rechargeable reservoir liquid, usually water. Finally, deep permeable pathways for the liquid to circulate through the hot material, usually rock. One way we can generate geo power by drilling holes deep into the earth then pumping water through one end. By the time it rises back to the surface the water can be hundreds of degrees in temperature which we then use the steam to drive a turbine which turns a generator creating electrical power. This is one of the best natural, non-polluting energies available around the world.

The land cost in funding a geo power plant is part of financing the geothermal energy project development in total. Land costs can be less expensive than if you were planning to develop an oil, gas, coal, wind, solar or nuclear power plant because geo plants can take up very little space. You don't need to acquire large parcels of land. Another factor that comes into play is that no fuel is required to generate the power. This means the operating costs for the plants are very low as there are no costs for purchasing, transporting, or cleaning up of fuels you may otherwise need to generate the electricity. The overall financial aspect of geo plants are fantastic. Developers only need to provide power to the fluid pumps and other plant operations needs, which can be generated by the facility itself. In the year 2009, there were some 6 million homes and businesses operating as a result of financing geothermal energy projects funding power developments. To submit your geothermal energy project for financing review for funding development analysis - click here.

As investment bankers, insurance companies and other institutional investors are becoming more familiar with advanced technologies, regulatory environment and transaction financial structures, this type of development financing for funding geothermal energy power projects. Many recent developments qualified for 100% debt structure that allows the developer to maintain all equity ownership as well as all tax credits. Other options include up to 100% utilizing equity and debt combination. Capitalizing is a straight forward process and just takes a common sense approach as with other alternative power enterprises. Developers of fossil fuel-based developments in North America have employed traditional strategies to fund. This technique has been less available to developers of renewable green power. . With encouraging trends in the economical and reliability of new technologies and the recent transition of the industry to one that is dominated by bigger players with proven track records and established professional relationships, the available financial options are growing.

The first step in the process for the lender or investor is to perform an in-depth analysis of the developer's business plan and possibly even hire an independent consultant to conduct a feasibility or other study. These studies will analyze the geological data and should prove the financial viability of the development. These studies will also display the technical, architectural, design, financial and other aspects of the undertaking. These elements are critical to the source of funds in its assessment of the risk. The development may or may not be secured by all assets, including a lien on the facilities and real property. Other lenders underwrite solely on the Offtake Agreement or Power Purchase Agreement ( PPA) secured by assignment of operating revenues and minimum capacity guarantees. Still some lenders require liens on all personal property; and assignment of agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance guarantee bonds to which the developer is the beneficiary.

We at EF123 are here to provide expertise in getting your business plan from paper to operational reality. We have a vast portfolio of lenders and institutional investors that need good renewable green developments that will provide power for the future needs of America and the world. What better place to invest than the electrical and fuel needs of this planet today and into the distant future. The financial state of this nation and the world is driving money into sectors that are definite winners with the support of global governments as well as money managers that want safe, high yielding investments.


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