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Long term solutions for reducing foreign oil dependence. Financing wind farm energy projects funding developments of turbine farms offers sustainable alternative options.

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Air currents move turbines that cause wind  farm projects to produce energy. Financing wind farm energy projects and funding developments of turbine farms is what we do here at EF123. As a result, jobs and sources of additional income to rural land owners are an additional benefit to our economy. A huge benefit is this power is generated without wasting natural resources, causing pollution or creating toxic wastes. The air moves naturally every day so this source of power is free. Capturing and economically converting it into generated electricity for the grid or individual use is the task at hand for developers. This is where we come in. Funding wind energy farm projects financing developments of turbine farms for power distribution into the grid is our most common capital request. Developers usually come to us with their business plan well developed and near "shovel ready". Strong resumes and financial proformas are  obvious elements of a successful request for capital. Usually, permits are in or nearly in place and power purchase agreements are in negotiation. Capital providers require the latest technologies, triple b credit rated off takers, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) companies and credit grade Operations and Maintenance (O&M) providers. Please click here to request a quick review and analysis of your wind farm energy project for financing development funding.

At EF123, options for financing developments for wind farm energy projects include funding models that can include debt and or equity. Up to 100% debt capitalization is available for qualified business plans. Other options include up to 100% loan to cost / value utilizing debt in conjunction with equity. A typical ratio is 75/25 debt to equity but can vary depending the opportunity. Wind energy farm development projects require financing  and funding. This is not as challenging a task as you might think if you have the right representation. Purchasing or developing turbine farms can be done with 100% debt and or equity as mentioned. This means minimal capital requirements from the developers. On the 100% debt only programs, payment moratoriums for up to 4 years allow for positive cash flow stabilization before servicing the debt. Some lenders do not require that the physical assets be liened or held up as security for the loan. 100% debt means the developers keep all of the equity for themselves. Even the tax credits are retained by the developers. Amortization schedules of up to 20 years provide for optimized cash flow opportunities.

We have been utilizing the power of air motion for centuries. Only within the last few decades has financing wind energy projects funding farm developments for power generation to the grid become a profitable for developers and investors. Mills of old were used to replace animal power for grinding grains and  pumping water. Today, turbines are used to harness the power of the air movement to generate electricity for homes, factories and businesses. Turbines, like the mills of old, are mounted on tall towers of about 100 feet or more above ground to capture the most power for electric generation. At that height, they can take advantage of the faster and less turbulent currents. Turbines catch power with their propeller like blades often compared to aircraft wings and are usually three blades mounted on a shaft or rotor. A blade acts much like an airplane wing in that when the currents move, a pocket of low pressure air forms on the leeward side of the blade. This low pressure air pocket pulls the blade toward it causing the rotor to turn in a generator creating electricity.

Once land is secured in one manner or another plus other early stage development requirements, the financing for funding your wind farm energy projects can begin. While land lease contracts can vary greatly, a reasonable estimate for income to a farmer of landowner from a single utility grade turbine is about $3,000 a year. On a site of approximately 250 acres, with income from turbines at about $55 an acre, the annual lease income could be around $14,000 with no more than 2 to 3 acres removed from crop production. Turbine farms can invigorate the economies of rural as well as other communities by providing steady cash flow through lease or royalty income to landowners. This obviously increases the landowner's personal income and helps to stimulate the local economy. Landowners can host turbines with little or no intrusion on crop or livestock production.

We at EF123 look forward to working with you on moving your development forward. We will assist in packaging and presenting your business plan to the lenders and investors that are experienced, professional and competent in these niche energy markets. In this world it's not only what you know but who you know that makes the difference in getting capital funded. The field of alternative power is exciting and definitely here to stay. In order to obtain capital for these developments, certain things need to happen in certain ways. That's where we at EF123 come in. Our experience in raising capital puts us above the crowd and sets us apart. We have the sources and know how to present your business plan in such a was as to have them say "yes". You need dependable and knowledgeable consultants with Direct or Email
access to the capital market sources. The partners at EF123 have the experience needed to lead you through the otherwise difficult process. Our mission is to advise, consult and  provide capital to an emerging business by balancing today’s turbine technologies with the enhanced technologies of the future.


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