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Ronald J. Retterer, Co-Founder / CEO

Mr. Retterer has over 40 years of experience with small to Fortune 500 companies as a Board Member, founder, key executive, or management consultant in planning, start-up, turnaround and capital formation of emerging and hi-tech companies and projects. Consultant in over 200 R & D, operations, finance and distribution business projects - start-up, turnaround, merger, acquisition and divestiture. CEO, COO and corporate line management experiences involved as many as 600 employees and budgets over $4 million per month. Strategic consulting provided to Principals on individual projects with values over $2 billion.


BS Industrial Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 4 year scholarship. 

Currently  member of Licensing Executive Society International

Former Trustee a non-profit board for developmentally disabled; church elder; national vocational education committee; college instructor in management; business and technology task force for State of California;  Trustee of a non-profit Institute for biblical scholars; Advisor to non-profit focused on job creation and economic development. 


Jeffrey D. Miller, Co-Founder / President
Miller has held senior management positions in a variety of financial roles in both public and private companies for over twenty years. His positions have included CFO and CEO, and he has structured and participated in successful IPO's.

Mr. Miller has expertise in structuring business plans and leading fund raising efforts for early stage to mid-cap companies.  He has extensive experience in energy, software, manufacturing, transportation, and supply chain businesses ranging from early stage ventures to Fortune 100 companies.  He has taught Sarbanes Oxley requirements to MBA students and helped many clients achieve the right financing for the project or  stage of the companies life.

Mr. Miller has a bachelorís degree in accounting from Iowa State University and a masterís degree in business administration (MBA) from the Graduate School of Business, Texas Christian University. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Licensing Executive Society International

Native American Finance Officers Association

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