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Eco Safe Systems USA mixes ozone into cold water which becomes the most powerful disinfectant and sanitizer in the world!

Safe Food & Water for the Planet

Eco Safe Systems USA is the manufacturer of patented water treatment and water reclamation systems. In 2000 Eco Safe Systems USA joined forces with Ozone Industries, Inc., a leader in ozone technologies since 1992. Eco Safe's state-of-the-art technologies produce ozonated water for food and surface disinfection as well as water purification. Our technologies also offer greater permeate, i.e. we produce ozonated water at significantly less maintenance cost in and greater energy savings than our competitors. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products and services.

Every person on the planet would be in crisis without safe food, safe water, and disease prevention capability on a daily basis, and there is only one treatment which is scientifically proven to be the safest, strongest, and fastest disinfection agent available––Ozone Disinfection.

By comparison, chlorine is the traditional disinfection choice but it is much slower than ozone, and cannot reliably kill many common pathogens.  Chlorine application also forms carcinogenic residues which are left behind on food products.  Ozone destroys every pathogen in testing, killing E-coli 3100 times faster than chlorine.  This means any food product which can be treated with an ozonated water rinse will be safer and have extended shelf-life as a result.  Meat, seafood, and produce departments in supermarkets typically throw away spoiled food which has a value comparable to the store’s total profit, and ozone disinfection has been shown to instantly reduce this spoilage by 25 to over 50%.  This results in a food supply that is much safer and lasts significantly longer, greatly increasing profit even without any increase in sales.

Once solids have been filtered from a water supply, nothing can eliminate water-borne pathogens as quickly, safely, and effectively as ozone.  As well as purifying the water, once the water is ozonated it can also function to disinfect hands, work surfaces, and tools, and promote rapid healing of wounds by irrigation with ozonated water even against antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Ozone is also extremely effective at safely decomposing organic contaminants and pesticide residues.  The end products of ozone decomposition of organics are carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen, resulting in the safest possible treatment of the environment.



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Safe Food & Water
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