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Mining provides much of Americas energy with clean coal mines financing.Most people don't realize that about half of the electricity that heats, lights and powers our homes and businesses comes from this black rock. While it has gotten a pretty bad rap, we offer financing for funding coal  mines that offer a great clean energy option. Projects and developments may get up to 100% debt capitalization for the production of this abundant energy source. Most states rely heavily on energy from it. It provides America’s railroads with more traffic and revenue than any other commodity.

If you're looking for funding mining operations financing coal mines and related energy mining projects you're at the right place. EF123 is connected to this industry in a way that offers us access to capital for purchase, development, expansion and the exploitation of God's gift to this nation which generates electrical energy at about one third the cost of other fuels, coal. Financing mines and funding mining projects along with the other green power alternatives will provide for America's energy needs for hundreds of years to come. This natural resource costs less than any other major fossil fuel source available in the world. America is among the world's largest producers and consumers of this energy resource. Total world consumption of power is expected to increase by over 50% by 2030. Coal will be a huge share of that increase. The United States possesses more than 250 billion tons of recoverable reserves which could take us more than 200 years. That is about equal to 800 billion barrels of crude which happens to be more than 3x Saudi Arabia's reserves! To have your coal mine project funding request analyzed for financing options just click here.

Coal mines require financing. Funding mining projects for clean energy is not as daunting a task as one might think. Purchasing, expanding or reviving an old mining operation can be done with up to 100% debt. This means minimal capital infusion from the developers. Payment moratoriums for up to 4 years allow for project cash flow stabilization in coal mine financing for funding mining projects. Some investors do not require that the assets be liened or offered as security for the loan. 100% debt means the developer keeps all of the equity for themselves. Even the tax credits are retained by the developers. Amortization schedules of up to 20 years allow for superior cash flow scenarios.

Intermittent or sustainable alternative energy resources like wind farm energy projects and solar energy power developments are often used for providing peak demand energy since they are not always available. Like at night and when the wind is still. That is a whole different situation than from readily available fossil fuels. These are used to provide what is known as base load power. The constant, uninterruptable steady stream of electricity we depend upon daily throughout the day is provided by this base load power. Since around 1970, the use of this fuel to generate electricity in the United States has nearly tripled due to the growing demand for electricity. This demand continues to grow internationally even as energy efficiency improvements continue to be made. Even though we are continuing to become more energy efficient, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that electrical power demand will grow by over 40% by 2030.

This fuel provides nearly half of America’s electrical power generation and more than two times as much as the next highest contributor which is nuclear power. America has more of it than any other fuel. A quarter of all of the known reserves in the world are right here in the USA, and huge deposits can be found in 38 states. Mostly unrealized by the American people is the fact that we have more of it than the entire Middle East has oil. At the current rate of usage, we are able to meet our own domestic demand for more than 200 years into the future. As we speak, energy companies are working diligently with the U.S. government to develop and put into action the next generation of advanced technologies. This will make it possible to reduce harmful emissions even further, even to near zero levels and capture and store destructive greenhouse gases.

This is and will continue to be a huge energy sector. Funding coal mines financing projects for clean energy development is not only for profitable enterprise but is in our national security best interests. We MUST reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. We need to aggressively pursue domestic oil drilling, wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and all other alternative and sustainable energy developments including clean coal mines. Financing and funding these projects is where we ad EF123 comes in.

Let's work together today to accomplish these goals. We are here to help advance your projects to lenders and investors that are of the same mind set and realize that clean energy is the future and wish to put their money to work in this area.



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