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Raise debt and equity capital for green financing funding biodiesel - ethanol plant development projects. Alternative renewable energy is here to stay.

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Converting biomass to green fuels like biodiesel and ethanos requires financing.When it comes to development financing of biodiesel - ethanol plant projects, Energy Funding 123, LLC is the right place to start. The market environment is improving and the cost of capital has become more in line with profitability. In addition, the price of feedstocks has declined and the prices of the biofuels contribute to improving margins making financing biodiesel and funding ethanol plant development projects attractive to lenders and investors. We get you the necessary exposure of your business plan and facility to the financiers with the capital necessary to get you operational quickly and with the least possible brain damage.

The selling of the projected cash value of tax credit incentives, tax equity, at a discount to help fund development has been a main component for the industry for years. Investment banks have been major participants in this market. As bank losses and foreclosures have increased, this major source of project financing funding ethanol and biodiesel plant developments has dried up. Tax equity is attractive as a capitalizing vehicle because it is low cost and the financial benefits are definite and and measureable. 100% debt where you keep the tax credits or a combination of debt and equity to 100% is possible in today's market. To find out how your biodiesel - ethanol project development qualifies for funding financing submit our quick pre-application form online. We will get with you to discuss it. Please have an executive summary ready upon request.

Aggressively pursuing a renewable biofuels environment of the future requires a tremendous capital influx. Funding biodiesel - ethanol projects financing developments to achieve necessary technological advancements and get new plants out of the ground is at renewed levels of interest by lenders and investors. When capital and technology are combined with efficient use of biomass products or off-products, energy production itself takes on a whole new dimension. Distressed plants that have been foreclosed on or in bankruptcy are available for sale across the country at dimes on the dollar. These opportunities provide for enhanced sustainability and profit potential. Improved technologies today contribute to profitable production of food products such as food grade oils and grain byproducts. Other such off products could include waste. Products may be agriculture products grown from dedicated fuels crops. Such an approach helps reduce problems related to food versus fuel issues that have been predominant lately.

Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard, RFS-2 program, as required by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, EISA to ensure that transportation vehicle fuels sold in the United State contain a minimum amount of renewable fuel mixed or blended in them. These new requirements increased the amount of biofuels required to be blended into transportation fuels to 36 billion gallons by the year 2022. The rule was established in collaboration with refiners, biofuel producers and developers, and many other industry participants. Biofuels are a hot commodity and are becoming more and more in vogue each day. Developers and financiers must understand how to best take advantage of the national Renewable Fuels Standard, (RFS-2, Feb 2010) and other incentive programs, as well as how to reduce or eliminate feedstock and technical risk elements in order to structure business plans to optimize revenue streams while minimizing risk.

Biofuels are produced from a wide variety of biomass feedstocks. They are grown on farms in America and internationally with a variety of feedstocks that include; corn, canola, coconut, jatropha, jojoba, mustard seed, palm oil, peanuts, algae, rapeseed, and soybean and more.  These feedstocks and resulting fuels (and food byproducts) will help to reduce and someday end the world's reliance on all fossil fuels and especially middle-eastern oil. As we all know, burning fossil fuels creates green house gasses (GHG) that pollutes our environment and contribute to inflated fuel prices. Our company places financing for funding biodiesel - ethanol plant projects and developments for renewable fuel energy. Providing funding for financing biodiesel ethanol plant project developments is what we do very well.

Many non-producing facilities which have been foreclosed on or are in bankruptcy are available for purchase in the market place. We gladly provide the capital to purchase these facilities plus the funds necessary to retrofit for multiple feedstocks, expansion plus working capital. These opportunities present an especially profitable potential to biofuel developers due to the fact that these derelict facilities can be purchased for dimes on the dollar compared to building a new facility from the ground up. Many banks that own them now are willing to negotiate great deals for qualified purchasers so they can get them off their books and eliminate their holding costs. Many bank sellers will also carry the debt for well qualified purchasers if the package is properly presented. Our job is to make your proposal so attractive that the lenders, investors and even the sellers want to say "yes" to your request for financing biodiesel plants funding ethanol project developments.


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