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Epic’s Strategic Alliance

Van Scoyoc Companies

TIG is distinguished from other advisory firms by the blend of

talents and relationships of its founders, principals, and associates.

They have varied and extensive experiences in the public (executive

and legislative branches) and private sectors. Their understanding of

the process, associated rules and procedures for federal grants,

contracts and procurement is unmatched. Their broad-based

experience in positioning clients to win government funding is the

hallmark of their practice.


Epic Opens a New Location in India

Focusing on Clean Water & Alternative Power

Epic understands the growing need for energy and clean water in

India. India’s fast economic growth has made it the second fastest

growing energy market. Today Epic is committed to funding

energy projects in India as well as introducing cutting edge water

purification system to meet the growing need for water in India.

The United States government also understands India’s needs.

India’s plan to create a solar industry on the scale of China’s almost

from scratch gained credibility with President Barack Obama’s

pledge to lend U.S. financial support for the program.

Without giving any detail or making any specific grant, Obama said

the U.S. will “stand ready to speed this advancement with additional

financing.” The remark was made at a press conference on Sunday,

April 5th in New Delhi as Prime Minister Narendra Modi

iterated his aim for India to install by 2022 as much photovoltaic

capacity as the U.S. now has.

Selected Associates


Gov. Bob Taft, Anthony Carson, Andrea Lucke   

  Mr. & Mrs. Carson, and  John Boehner





Managing Partner & CEO of Epic Financial
 Phillip (Randy) Carson




“I have known Randy for 12 years and worked for him very early in my career. While at Midwest National I watched the company successfully transform from a single branch operation to a nationally recognized lender in the mortgage industry. Randy’s leadership skill and "no non-sense" direct approach was a factor in his success. I have a great deal of respect for his years of knowledge, professionalism, integrity and would highly recommend him.”  -- (April 9, 2009)

Julie Dietz, Director of Training, Bear Stearns

worked directly with Phillip(Randy) at Midwest National Mortgage, Banc

“It is my distinct pleasure to write a recommendation for Phillip. I have had the pleasure of working with him for more than 4 years and I think the world of Phillip. Phillip Carson is a highly talented professional and an incredibly giving individual. He treats his clients and colleagues with the utmost respect and will jump through fires to help someone in need. I would highly recommend him for any professional organization and firmly believe that he could make a very significant contribution to an organization.” (May 6, 2009)

Noelle Kim, Investment Advisor representative, Investment Advisors International

worked directly with Phillip (Randy) at World Financial Group

“Randy Carson is a great center of influence and a leader in the financial services industry. He led the Cincinnati team he built to success with quality and a commitment to excellence. We created an amazing amount of synergy which led to record setting performance. Randy reached SVP as fast as it could be achieved and was fun to work with. I highly recommend him.” (April 20, 2009)

Tom Mathews, National Sales Director, A.L. Williams

managed Phillip (Randy) at A.L. Williams/Primerica Corp


Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
Alexander Ferguson


Alexander Ferguson sits on the Board of Directors of Epic Financial Funding. He has more than 25 years experience designing complex global information environments and total business solutions, as well as launching and managing several successful high technology ventures. Mr. Ferguson brings the business experience garnered from building a multi-million dollar defense contracting company, as well as a cutting-edge technical know-how, and the visionary acumen of a true futurist to the complex needs of solving today’s strategic business information problems.

Mr. Ferguson's clients include the Department of State, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Interagency Collaboration Zone. Mr. Ferguson also served as a recognized CIO-level consultant to the Executive Office of the President of the United States, and other world recognized organizations such as the Associated Press, GlobalStar, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Aerospace Corporation. Mr. Ferguson has served as the lead architect and technical leader for a number of major global information networks, including State Department’s global network, which are responsible for several billion dollars of expenditures a year. Currently, his recommendations to the Department of State's Strategic Planning Office are included in submissions to the White House, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, and other agencies.

The sole founder of Crius, Inc., one of the founders of Intercom Consulting and Federal Systems, and a co-founder of Scarlet Fire Entertainment; Mr. Ferguson brings the business experience of founding and building a multi-million dollar defense contracting company, as well as a cutting edge entertainment technology firm to his high level of competence in solving the complex needs of today's businesses. In the Washington Metropolitan Area, where technologists abound, Washington Technology magazine noted Mr. Ferguson as one of the area's notable technology entrepreneurs and futurists. In addition, Mr. Ferguson was chosen and profiled as Contract Professional Magazine’s “All-Star” technologist for January 2002. Mr. Ferguson is also a Co-Founder, and Board member of the Financial Policy Council in NYC. Of note is that Mr. Ferguson’s patented concept (US Patent # 7,363,497) preceded Apple Inc.’s iTunes store service by two years, and correctly predicted the rise of downloadable Internet content. Mr. Ferguson’s next patent (US Patent # 8,212,677) in individual medical logistics predicts the rise of personalized medicine and information logistics.  Technically speaking, Mr. Ferguson has extensive experience in networking and security environments as well as storage networking systems in global, complex, heterogeneous environments. At the time of his CISSP certification, Mr. Ferguson was one of only twenty (20) people dual certified with both a CCIE and CISSP worldwide.

In 2000, Mr. Ferguson founded Kaang, Inc. to provide strategic, enterprise-level consulting on security, technology, and business alignment for major clients. Mr. Ferguson is a 2008 graduate of the Harvard Business School’s elite Owner/Pres. Mgmt .Program.

Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
Rajnish Sharma

Rajnish_Sharma-1 (800x531) (2).jpg   RAJNISH SHARMA’S Present Job Position: Country Head- Coal Business- Empire Industry limited, India

                           Previous Job Position was A.V.P- Coal trading- Grande Cache coal Corporation- Canada and

                          G.M.-Coal trading- Coal India limited- Government of India (PSU), India

                           Summary of Qualification:

                          More than 25 years’ experience in Coal India limited (PSU) - COAL sector -mining industries in

                         commercial/technical/procurement /Railway/Sales division that magnifies my experience and  

                          knowledge in sales and marketing   operation and strategy, Collection strategy in Government and

                          private  sector, Business Analysis, procurement, Government regulatory affairs, compliance rules and

                          accounting job with IT Applications in India 

                          More than 25 years’ experience in Sourcing, Sale of Coal, Logistics, FSA, Coal operations, Policy Advocacy

                          and management jobs  in India, Under Coal mining Industry

                         Worked with various subsidiary of CIL-Coal India limited- BCCL ( Bharat coking coal limited), CCL

                         (Central coal field limited), ECL ( Eastern Coalfield limited), MCL ( Mahanadi coalfield limited)

                         Liaison with Government and private Industries, Coal India ltd and its Subsidiary, MMTC  

                         Liaisons with Thermal Power Plants – NTPC/ Private Captive power plants in India /State owned Power

                         Stations in India /Fertilizer

                         Steel Authority of India (SAIL)- BSL/DSP/DPL/ CCWO

                         Knowledge and applications of marketing/ Distribution of Coal Trading by Rail/Road/Ship

                         Knowledge of existing four Coal Index-South African Richard Bay Coal-API-4,

                        Australia New Castle Coal-API-3, Japan Power Utility index and ACR Asian Index & Indonesia coal

                        Index /ICI (Coal)


Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
Patrick McCleary


Patrick McCleary has the unique ability to combine personal efforts with team building to produce tangible results.  As a Marine, he knows that unit cohesion and coordination are essential to completing any mission.  As a former boxer in the Corps, he knows that individual hard work is key to positive results in business and in life. Having 25 years combined experience in land and infrastructure development, private utilities, and green technology companies. Having Completed several business-related courses, while also beginning career in retail management. Experience in Retail Management and Real Estate Development Pre-foreclosures market, residential and commercial property acquisitions. Initial steps into financing and land development.  Working Private Utility Concepts 2000-present Began investigating potential of private utilities as means of creating new markets for communications and essential services.  Developed initial concepts of containerized units for water and sanitation treatment. Private Utility and Land Development  from 2004-2009.

Mr. McCleary began first private utility with a telecommunications company. Continuing  with numerous land development projects, including buying land for builders including Quadrant (subsidiary of Weyerhauser), D.R. Horton, and New Homes LLC.  Green Technology Companies and Private Utilities 2004-present Have now formed 3 green technology companies to provide water, sanitation, and waste to energy systems for a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, as well as energy-saving solutions for existing energy grids.  All these companies offer containerized systems that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically viable for developed and developing nations alike.  Numerous commercial and governmental contracts are now in progress, with each offering the potential of ongoing revenues generated by green-tech, private utility districts.

Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
  Stephen Owusu

Steve Owusu Pic.jpg

STEPHEN OWUSU studied at the University of Ghana, Legon and has an extensive experience as a self-starter Co., Ltd of China for two years as a Ghana country manager.

Stephen has a rather penchant desire for bringing together groups of people for a common development oriented goal particularly ones which gives investors access to the continent’s opportunities, and mediates its risks industrialist and also spear-headed the launch of Popey Energy Ghana where he worked for Chengdu Ou Xi Da Trade through a very thorough due diligence process.

He is knowledgeable in the print and broadcast media with a proven ability to research, evaluate, report and present information on people, products, services and events.

Stephen’s wide experience from international business relations got him involved with multinational businesses outside Ghana, however he remains committed to heed a clarion call to serve Africa.

Stephen says “I shudder what generations after us will think and say of us. Some might ask what did we do for them in a Continent full of challenges yet blessed with abundant opportunities. Did we stay to solve the myriad problems or flee to seek comfort in the occident.  The energy sector’s bottlenecks and power shortages cost the region 2-4 per cent of its GDP annually hence my allegiance towards it and desire to contribute to the call for universal access to electricity for all in the not too distant years ahead. “

Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
Col. (Retd) Anant Vasant Talpallikar

ANANT_PHOTO.jpgCol. Anant  Vasant Talpallikar is a dynamic professional with 33 years in Project Management, Resource Management and Technical Training of Project Team with Indian Army and civil establishments. His languages are:  English, Hindi, Marathi and Telugu.

Col. Talpallikar spent about 9 years in the Army working with civilian based/ civil organizations and has the distinction of being a part of the Anti-Hijack operations at Raja Sansi Airport at Amritsar in April 1993 with the elite National Security Guards better known as Black Cat Commandos.

Col. Talpallikar specializes in project management, i.e. planning, system design, installing, commissioning, operations & maintenance of network services, solar projects-budgeting, financing, system sizing, etc. He is proficient  in management of technical installations including Solar PV Systems,  exchanges, optical fibre cable, microwave, satellite based communication terminal, two way radio, radio trunking system, message transmission cum reception and delivery center including encryption, electronics, machinery, electrical networks, DG sets etc. He is proficient in carrying out specification testing of  electronic, electrical and mechanical systems leading to ISO Audit.

He steered the execution of 5 multi technology strategic projects operating in a Nuclear Biological & Chemical Environment. These projects spanned across multiple locations.

Presently, Col. Talpallikar is a Freelance Technical Consultant of Solar Projects associated with NOLDE GROUP as an Associate Partner India, is associated with AGK Green Energy Pvt Ltd as Technical Consultant and DGM Manufacturing Operations with VEDANG RADIO TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD. 


Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
Benedictus Fritz Stephanus

BENEDICTUS FRITZ STEPHANUS studied at Polytechnic of Namibia where he received his T3 Diploma in 1998.  From1999-2006 Benedictus Stephanus worked as a Branch Manager for Cross Border Logistics Cc.

In 2006 until 2011, Mr. Stephanus served as a Country Manager (Namibia) & Regional Co-Coordinator for Namfert, a fertilizer supply company where his key responsibilities were:

Coordinated the intervention of Conservation Agriculture in Namibia

Trained Lead Farmers on Climate-Smart Conservation Agriculture, Dry-land Crop Production and Marketing /training other farmers in their areas   Assisted Lead Farmers on farmers training sessions

                      Collaborated & joint ventured with stakeholders to promote the intervention Conservation Agriculture

                      Reported a monthly progress report and prepared a work plan in line with the budget

2011-2014 Benedictus worked for Promandies Investments Cc as a Managing Member where he facilitated farmer’s trainings on Horticulture production and reported monthly progress

Presently, Mr. Stephanus is a Managing Member with RBI- Redrope Construction where his key responsibilities are:

Investment Sourcing

Project Identification

Policy Issues

SME Development

Overseeing the Operation.


Managing Director of Epic Financial Funding
 Mr. Prasad VVSS


PRASAD VVSS is a post graduate born in India in 1951 with multifaceted experience in teaching, Project formulation for low income groups for governments and Banks, project report preparations, liasioning with Banks State owned and county’s prime financial Institutions and implementing the projects.      

Prasad had hands on experience from the ground level starting from obtaining Industrial licence for establishing an enterprise to manage it at apex level.

He worked as a retainer by adding value for various organisations in different capacities. He had experience in Manufacturing industries, Telecommunication, Electronic industries, Construction field, Tourism, Hospitality, financial Services and Information Technology including ERP sector.          

Prasad dealt with small and big entrepreneurs, Corporate heads, Government corporations, Directors and secretaries of various ministries and Government heads such as ministers at both state and central levels in Government of India.

He travelled extensively in USA, erstwhile USSR, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Nepal in helping the prospective clients for arranging technology transfers, joint venture partners, Machinery suppliers, and funding partners since 1982 to till date.       

Presently Prasad’s focal area is analysing the projects for suitability of attracting investments from foreign investors/lenders and institutions and arranging investments.


Consultant to Epic Financial Funding
           Joseph F.“Chip” Langston, Jr.

Chip Langston.jpg

Joseph F. “Chip” Langston, Jr. is the Founder, President and 60% owner of TXX Energy Corporation, a privately held exploration and development company operating in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana. With its partners, the Company owns and operates over 160 shallow wells (TXX Operating LLC), and it expanding its acquisitions through continued development drilling and innovative completion technology.

Before founding TXX Energy, Mr. Langston founded two exploration and development companies, Buccaneer Energy Corporation and Trans-Western Exploration, Inc. Buccaneer Energy Corporation is a privately held exploration and development company operating in Oklahoma, with various non-operating positions in New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Direct activities include supervising the recompletion of purchased wells, along with drilling several PUD locations, diversified drilling program, as well as audited financial statements and report to shareholders. Sold the company to Gale Force Petroleum Corporation (GFP.V); a Toronto Venture Exchange company for cash and shares.

Mr. Langston earned a B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance from University of Texas at Arlington in 1974 and since then has built a strong background in finance, investment banking, and energy exploration.


Why Choose Epic Financial?


1.     Epic offers a credit enhancement product

           (helps to insure funding in a timely fashion)

    2.   Commercial leasing for equipment for a 10 year

            term and real property for a 30 year term

   3.    Epic currently represents three state of the art

            companies specializing in waste-to-energy and

            water treatment technology/solar

   4.    Government and private infrastructure financing


Funding Partners (Partial List)

HUD                                                                                      GE Capital          

RaboBank                                                                        Goldman Sachs

ING Investment Management                                                      Citibank

John Hancock Life                                                         Morgan Stanley


JP Morgan                   

Metropolitan Life                                                                           KeyBank

New York Life                                                                                 Axa SA

U.S. Bank                                                                                         AEGON NV

Vasari Energy                                                                                  Allianz

Ming Yang/China                                                Zurich Financial Services

Bank of Montreal                                                              Bank of America

Compass Capital Management                                          BNP Paribus

Krannich Solar                                                                          Samsung

DeutscheBank                                                                                Mitsubishi


How we Help Finance Wind, Waste, Hydrogen, Solar, Oil & Gas Projects



Epic Financial Funding, LLC helps finance large scale projects with their main focus and expertise in viable renewable energy projects.

The company is able to offset the higher initial capital costs associated with renewable generation by strategically aligning itself with key financial partners and by utilizing sophisticated financing structures to raise capital required to develop a project.

We know that purchasing, installing and maintaining green energy systems such as wind and solar can require a significant outlay of both capital and resources.

Epic’s founders have combined decades of corporate experience with innovative and entrepreneurial problem solving to truly understand today's developers.