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Energy Funding 123, LLC is financing green renewable projects including developments of wind, solar, biodiesel, ethanol plants, municipal solid waste to energy, geothermal, hydroelectric and more. EF123 is a partnership formed by Maximum Financial, Inc. and Epic Financial Group, LLC. We offer over 60 years combined experience in capital placement for green fuels and power developments, conventional commercial properties, residential real estate developments and more. EF123 is an environmentally responsible consultant providing financing for funding renewable green energy developments projects today for a cleaner, sustainable future. Wind, solar, biodiesel / ethanol plants, geothermal and hydroelectric are economically viable today and well qualified developers are able to obtain capital if properly package and presented to the lending and capital sources. Our goal is to ensure a successful renewable energy project development capitalization here in America and other regions around the world.

What makes an attractive green energy development project? Financing for funding renewable alternative power like wind, solar and biodiesel / ethanol plants and MSW is dependent on many factors. The closer to "shovel ready" the better as far as the lender / investor sources are concerned. Land secured with permits is optimal. PPAs (power purchase agreements) or Off Take Agreements should be at least in the formulation stage if not already negotiated. Long term agreements will be required with language that provides assurance for adequate DSCR (debt service coverage ratios), usually in the 1.1% to 1.4% range. Minimum capacity assurances are commonly required to assure the debt lenders of ongoing ability to meet the monthly or annual debt payments. Off Takers and Power Purchasers are usually required to have a credit rating of BBB (triple b) or better by Moody's or Standard and Poor's. With many lenders, these contracts are the main underwriting criteria. Some lenders don't even lien the assets of the company while others do.

Other critical elements of funding financing of renewable green energy development projects regardless if it's solar, wind, biodiesel - ethanol plants is the EPC (engineering - procurement - construction) and O&M (operations and management). The lender must be assured that the development will be delivered on time and on budget. The EPC company should be investment grade also. That means a credit rating of BBB or better as rated by Moody's or Standard and Poor's. Some other rating options are possible. The EPC must guarantee or bond against failure to deliver on time or budget. Time is money and a non producing investment cost lots of it. The O&M is critical because the lender / investor must be assured that the investment will produce the fuels or power necessary to meet the financial projections and obligations on an ongoing day to day basis for the life of the debt. Again, the O&M must be investment grade with the ability to guarantee against production shortfalls. If you don't have investment grade EPC or O&M, we have access to them for you.  Insurance such as Business Interruption Protection can also play an important roll in this. Submit your summary now for review and analysis for eligibility to receive capital with our Quick Application form.

Financing structures for funding renewable green energy projects - developments such as biodiesel - ethanol plants, solar, wind, waste to energy and other sustainable alternative power may include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • 100% DEBT. That's right. No equity is given to the lender. Your tax incentives remain yours also! Rates can be in the 9% - 10% range and amortized over 15 to 20 years. There is a moratorium  on the first 3 years payments to allow plenty of time to become financially sustainable. Then principal and interest will be due annually. What a program!!

  • 100% Debt and Equity Combination. Not all programs qualify for the 100% debt only program. Our sources offer this combination of debt and equity to allow for minimum capital investment by t he sponsors. We know that huge sums of capital are not available to developers in most scenarios. An average ratio of equity to debt is usually about 30% equity and 70% debt. Tax incentives are often used as equity.

  • Cash. Congratulations! You don't need us. However, if you don't have all cash but do have some cash of your own to inject into the project it will strengthen your capital request substantially. "Skin in the game". Most developers want to leverage in to preserve capital.

Energy Funding 123, LLC consults financing green renewable energy development projects for qualified developers. Sustainable alternative power is desperately needed in this country and around the world. We look forward to working with your staff to prepare you and your plan for the capital needs you require. We are qualified to assist in preparation and presentation of your package to our lending sources in a manner that will make them want to say "yes". It is important to understand that start up businesses can be a challenge to place mortgages, equity or loans for alternative power. The risk element can be high for the investor due to lack of experience of the developer in some cases. Many times start up principals have plenty of background in the industry which makes it much easier. This does not mean that the capital is not available to you. It just means you have to have the right consultant with a variety of capital sources. He or she will have to work hard for you to find an acceptable source that makes sense for your goals and specific purposes. We don't provide seed money or early stage start up funds.



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